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Julian Dawson and Band Live

  •       Uneasy Rider
  •       That's Why God Made Saturday Night
  •       We've Been Through Fire

Deep Rain

  •       Deep Rain
  •       That's Why God Made Saturday Night
  •       Keys To The Kingdom Of Love

Nothing Like A Dame

  •       Morning Glory
  •       Whitsun Dance
  •       A Gamble Either Way

Bedroom Suite

  •       Dreams Like Trains
  •       The Girl You Used To Be
  •       Fast Cars And Rented Beds

Hillbilly Zen

  •       Shadow On The Moon
  •       Hillbillies On Pills

Cologne Again Or

  •       Sportin' Life Blues
  •       Amazing Disappearing Daddy
  •       I Don't Feel Like Dancing

Under the Sun

  •       How Come You Love Me
  •       If He Wanted Us To Fly
  •       BrokenDown Palace

Move Over Darling

  •       If I Needed Rain
  •       Move Over Darling
  •       It Came From Memphis

Travel On

  •       Never Alone
  •       You're Listening Now
  •       Queen Of The Bayou


  •       Guidance Of Angels
  •       Grey Chevrolet
  •       World Still Running

Fragile As China

  •       Welcome To London Town
  •       How Can I Sleep (LP mix)
  •       Always There

J.D. Collection Human Hearts

  •       How Can I Sleep (duet)
  •       When Love Says Goodnight
  •       I Like Your Absence

As Real As Disneyland

  •       Cold Cold World
  •       Slipping Away
  •       Two Shots Of Jealousy