Julian Dawson and Band Live


  •       Uneasy Rider
  •       That's Why God Made Saturday Night
  •       We've Been Through Fire

Deep Rain

deep-rain-cover-142.jpgLong-planned project with soul legend Dan Penn in his Nashville studio, recorded on two-inch tape using Dan’s vintage gear, with every note played and sung live.

Blue Rose Records CD

Track listing:

  •       Deep Rain
  • Brokenhearted Eyes
  •       That's Why God Made Saturday Night
  • Girl Friday
  • Perfect World
  •       Keys To The Kingdom Of Love
  • Barbed Wire Fence
  • Walking On The Dead
  • What Becomes Of the Brokenhearted
  • That Secret Life
  • Long Days And Short Nights
  • I’m Coming Home (Sweet Home)


Nothing Like A Dame

Julian’s ‘covers’ album of songs written or recorded by women.

With Richard Kennedy on second guitar, acoustic interpretations of 15 favourites from Shirley Collins to Destiny’s Child.

Special guest Martin Carthy.

Headline Records CD

Track listing:

  • The Gallery
  •       Whitsun Dance
  • Independent Women Part 1
  • Bedtime Story
  •       Mornin' Glory
  • The Married Men
  • Don’t Sleep In The Subway
  • Captain Of Your Ship
  •       A Gamble Either Way
  • Sugartown
  • Kids Say The Darndest Things
  • You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me
  • A Woman Left Lonely
  • Bonus Tracks: Move Over Darling
  • All The Kings Horses

Bedroom Suite

Recorded at home with family and friends.

New colours include drum loops and horns. Julian playing most of the instruments himself. Eight songs about marriage and relationships make it almost a concept album.

Long term listeners will feel at home whilst recognising a new side to his music.

Blue Rose Records CD

Track listing:

  •       Dreams Like Trains
  • One By One By One
  •       The Girl You Used To Be
  • Hold On
  • As Beautiful As You
  • After The Party
  • Cold Hard Truth
  • We Don’t Need A Priest
  • The Lord Loves A Rolling Stone
  •       Fast Cars And Rented Beds
  • Why Do I Do It / 9/11

Hillbilly Zen

A one off collaboration with ex-Byrd Gene Parsons playing all the instruments.

Julian’s tribute to his American influences with a ‘back porch’ vibe.

Track listing:

  • Freedom Of The Highway
  • The Wall That Surrounds You
  •       Shadow On The Moon
  • Don’t Just Do Something (Sit There Son)
  •       Hillbillies On Pills
  • To Hold You Again
  • It’s Not Really Raining
  • Banjo Song
  • Loser’s Blues
  • Baby Please
  • A.M.N.W.A.W.S.M.
  • Harp To Heart
  • Let Me Down Slow
  • Blue Fingers
  • What Kind Of Change

Cologne Again Or

25th anniversary release featuring live acoustic versions of several JD favourites supported by Andy Metcalfe, Kimberley Rew and Katy Moffatt.

Track listing:

  • Sigh Heart Don’t Break
  • Fragile As China
  • Blue Tattoo
  • Always There
  • Miss A Miracle
  • If He Wanted Us To Fly
  •       Sportin' Life Blues
  • You’re Listening Now
  • If I Needed Rain
  • Broken Down Palace
  • No Place Worth Dying For
  •       Amazing Disappearing Daddy
  • It Came From Memphis
  • My Own Damn Bed
  • How Can I Sleep
  •       I Don't Feel Like Dancing

Under The Sun

Reunites Julian with old friends (and former Soft Boys) Kimberley Rew and Andy Metcalfe.

Rabbit Bundrick guests on keyboards and Daniel Tashian creates the stunning percussion bedrock for the album.

Track listing:

  • You Think You’re Alone
  • Jesus Knows Tomorrow
  • We Can’t Be Together
  •       How Come You Love Me
  •       If He Wanted Us To Fly
  • World Keeps On Changing
  • Miss A Miracle
  •       Broken-Down Palace
  • Cars And Showbiz Weddings
  • All About The Ride
  • Amazing Disappearing Daddy
  • Four Walls

Spark 1999

US compilation of many of Julian’s previously unreleased (in the US) European releases.

Features collaborations with Lucinda Williams, Dan Penn, The Roches etc.



Dawson goes acoustic (almost).

Ten original songs and three great covers

Recorded in New York with long-time partner Steuart Smith.

Guest appearances from Richard Thompson, Dan Penn and the Roches.

Track Listing:

  •       If I Needed Rain
  •       Move Over Darling
  • Every Tear’s A Weapon
  • Waiting For The Moon
  •       It Came From Memphis
  • All The King’s Horses
  • Ghost Of His Own Name
  • Locked Out Of Paradise
  • Never Take A Fall
  • It’s Not Time Now
  • Pilgrims
  • Action Man
  • There’s More To Love


1995 studio collection, this time recorded in Woodstock and New York.

Guests include the late Nicky Hopkins, Jules Shear, the Roches and Curtis Stigers.

Track Listing:

  • Uneasy Rider
  •       Never Alone
  • Just Can’t Say No
  • Sigh Heart Don’t Break
  • New Columbus
  •       You're Listening Now
  • Hosanna
  •       Queen Of The Bayou
  • My Own Damn Bed
  • Brando’s Perfect Girl
  • Gabriel’s Hill


German compilation drawn from some of Julian’s best recordings, including tracks with the Roches and a duet with Grammy Award winner Lucinda Williams.

BMG/Topless CD (N/A)

Track Listing:

  •       How Can I Sleep Without You
  • Cold Cold World
  •       I Like Your Absence
  • Luckiest Man In The Western World
  • Cover To Cover
  • I Still Believe In Love
  • Sunday Into Saturday Night
  • Fragile As China (live)
  • Two Shots Of Jealousy (live)
  • How Human Hearts Behave
  • Guidance Of Angels
  • Stone Deaf Dumb & Blind
  • Power Of A Kiss
  •       When Love Says Goodnight
  • I Don’t Feel Like Dancing
  • How Can I Sleep Without You


Mr.Dawson’s 1993 album recorded in Tennessee with Garry Tallent producing.

The cast of thousands includes Dan Penn, Duane Eddy, Dennis Locorriere, Bill Payne & Jo-el Sonnier.

BMG / Topless CD (N/A)

Track Listing:

  •       Guidance Of Angels
  • Grey Chevrolet
  • How Human Hearts Behave
  •       World Still Running
  • Blue Tattoo
  • Sunday Into Saturday Night
  • She Rocks The Cradle
  • Nobody’s Listening
  • She Comes Alive
  • Very Unusual Girl
  • Circus
  • No Place Worth Dying For
  • I Don’t Feel Like Dancing


The first of Dawson’s American albums and produced by the E-Street Band’s Garry Tallent.

Cover photographs by Henry Diltz and guest appearances from Vince Gill, Barry Beckett and Jerry Douglas.

BMG / Topless CD (N/A)

Track Listing:

  •       Welcome To London Town
  •       How Can I Sleep Without You (lp mix)
  •       Always There
  • Fragile As China
  • Sorry
  • Where Do Gurus G
  • We’ve Been Through Fire
  • Power Of A Kiss
  • Stone Deaf Dumb & Blind
  • Love Of A Kind
  • Crazy Weather
  • Lost Without Your Loving
  • I Believe My Numbers Coming


The 1987 breakthrough album from Julian and the Flood (Rosko Gee, Jaki Liebezeit, Jay Stapley, Lynda Hayes and Jumpy Zerlett).

With guest appearances from Richard Thompson and Kimberley Rew.

Track Listing:

  • I Like Your Absence
  •       Cold Cold World
  • As Real As Disneyland
  • Steal That Beat
  •       Slipping Away
  • Prince In This World
  •       Two Shots Of Jealousy
  • Cindy Doll
  • She Screams At Him In Silence
  • Spark Of Human Kindness

Other releases:

SONGS FROM THE RED COUCH (Live with Iain Matthews)

FLOOD DAMAGE (Volume 2, Live with Iain Matthews)

VOODOO IN THE MUSIC Jean-Marie Peschiutta with Julian


Anyway You Want My Love Detour: Honky Tonkin’ Til It Hurts (F)

Christmas Every Day Rosie Flores: Christmasville (USA)

Christmas Every Day Rosie Flores: To Kate (Various Artists) (USA)

Gravy Train Matching Ties: Crossing The Bridge (D)

Harp To Heart Ange Amadei: Harp To Heart(F)

Heartaches J-M Peschiutta: Voodoo In The Music (F)

Hope I Get Old (Before I Die) J-M Peschiutta: Voodoo In The Music (F)

I Don’t Feel Like Dancing Charlie Louvin: The Longest Train (USA)

I Don’t Feel Like Dancing Rock Salt & Nails: Boxed (UK)

I Don’t Feel Like Dancing J-M Peschiutta: Voodoo In The Music (F)

I Still Believe In Love Fil Campbell: Dreaming (IRE)

It Came From Memphis Rosie Flores: Dance Hall Dreams (USA)

It Came From Memphis Kathy Robertson: At The Cantina (USA)

Luckiest Man In The Western World BAP: Affrocke (D)

Pilgrims Sean Keane: Seansongs (IRE)

Pilgrims (Pilegrim) Sondre Bratland: Syng Meg Heim (NOR)

Queen Of The Bayou Charlie Louvin: The Longest Train (USA)

Right Place Wrong Time J-M Peschiutta: Voodoo In The Music (F)

Slow Dance For Lisa Lydie Auvray: Paradiso (D)

Stone Deaf Dumb & Blind Charlie Louvin: The Longest Train (USA)

Uneasy Rider Rock Salt & Nails: More And More (UK)

When Love Says Goodnight Fil Campbell: Dreaming (IRE)

Shrink Anne Haigis (D) Homestory

World Keeps On Changing Charlie Louvin: Sound Of Days To Come (USA)

It’s Not Your Fault Anne Haigis (D) Wanderlust